Atari Breakout


About this game

Atari Breakout is a great way to train dexterity and efficiency in a slightly more attractive version. Classic game with colored blocks that you have to keep breaking down one by one until you get rid of them all. You have at your disposal a two-story racket surface, with which you bounce the ball (and later: balls!), Which hits the blocks and removes them. With time it gets harder and harder - your racket gets smaller and the ball's movement gets faster. Will you be able to predict where it will land after rebound and what will its route be?

Atari Breakout can really add you to long hours of gameplay - beat yourself and gain new levels of fitness by breaking the rainbow bar of chocolate more and more efficiently. Remember the laws of physics and follow the path of your tool so as not to lose points. In an emergency, you can restore the dropped ball to the game several times, but if it also fails to save you - game over! You have to start over. Smarter for new experiences. Feel like you were back in the 90s and play some of the most popular classic Atari games

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