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Breakout - unravel all the colored blocks

Among browser games, those based on classic mechanisms, such as Atari, are very popular. These include, among others, popular games from the Breakout series. It's a dynamic, colorful gameplay where the main goal is to collect points. To do this, you need to perform one seemingly simple activity - use a small paddle to bounce a ball (and then even a few balls) in such a way that they hit the colored blocks hanging in space. When this happens, the blocks disappear, adding points to your pool.

When you manage to get rid of the ballast intended for a given level, you go to the next one. The difficulty level is increasing, so the atmosphere becomes more dense - you have a little less time for everything, because the balls move much faster, the number of balls is growing, and the bounce area decreases. There are also more blocks and they have much more complicated layouts. How will you do in Breakout?

Games of this type contribute to the development of reflexes, perceptiveness, but also patience - each time the balls fall, some activities have to be repeated from scratch, and sometimes face game over, i.e. the message that the game is over and if you want to continue playing, you have to start all over again. You control the paddle with a mouse or touchpad, so the mechanism is quite trivial. You can invite younger players to play together or take on a duel with friends. Start Breakout!

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