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Arkanoid - a classic sandbox with colored blocks

Do you have a sentimental nature and want to return to the classics from the 90s? Browse through the category of Arkanoid games, a traditional game with an extremely simple mechanism that has been interpreted and modernized hundreds of times. What is the gameplay like? You get a moving block / pallet / flat element that is to be used for reflection, and various types of blocks (usually colored) are suspended in the space. Your task is to efficiently bounce the balls (or balls) in such a way that they hit the tiles straight. Thanks to this, you collect points.

The gameplay is dynamic and exciting, and Arkanoid itself is really addictive and bringing a lot of satisfaction. Depending on the game, the difficulty level changes faster or slower, but always increases from level to level - this makes the whole thing so interesting. There are various enhancements, such as bonuses that make an entire segment crumble instantly, or that make your racket increase the surface area. It's worth collecting them!

However, watch out for the obstacles: they can slow down your projectile or make it smaller in the racket space, making it harder to catch the ball. You have several lives to use with each playthrough, but if you waste them all - game over, it's game over! Then everything has to be started from the beginning ... So get ready fingers, use the mouse or touchpad to move agile between the obstacles. Break your own Arkanoid records!

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