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Most browser games require you to complete new levels to progress. If that doesn't feel dynamic enough, how about going through the stages? Running games are aimed at very energetic players who do not want to waste time figuring out what to do in a specific situation. Games based on running with a computer character do not give a moment of respite, because the player is constantly on the run.

Tomb Runner is an arcade game where running is not an end in itself. The player does not participate in any chase with opponents, and in a real race for his life! In this arcade online game, we control an adventurer who, avoiding obstacles and traps, runs along winding roads and tunnels to obtain ancient riches. The game requires a lot of reflexes, as avoiding obstacles requires you to constantly change the direction of your run, jumps and bending down.

Another game that is 100% running is Stickman Race 3D. The control is done by clicking the mouse or touching the screen on the phone, and the race itself only seems to be simple. The player has to stop in front of the obstacles, and each race consists of three rounds - winning all of them completes the stage.

However, if you prefer a bit more difficult games, VEX 5 will keep you entertained for long moments, this is another arcade game. Running and avoiding obstacles is more difficult in each level.

aplikacja mobilna