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Car games - convenient versions for mobile devices

What games should you choose for your car, if, of course, you are not driving it? Certainly, the best ones are those with a convenient mobile version: the slightly elongated interface makes gaming on a smartphone and tablet more comfortable. Make yourself comfortable in the passenger seat and start reviewing the best suggestions for this occasion. Even if you have a long way to go, you will certainly not get bored - there will always be something interesting to do.

The first and the most classic proposition for a car is Sudoku. This math puzzle can be really engaging! If you are new to it, start with simpler versions like Shapes Sudoku to understand what the mechanism is. Over time, you feel like more challenges - Sudoku Daily on three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) can take you longer. Are you traveling somewhere for Christmas? Xmas Sudoku or Sudoku Christmas is a great way to introduce yourself to the Christmas atmosphere.

Simple, platform co-op games, such as Fire and Water: The Temple of Light, also work for the car. At the beginning, the tasks are very simple: you just need to guide the title characters through a few obstacles on their way. Later on, more puzzling starts, so it will take some time to focus. Complete all the levels while completing the successful cooperation of the elements! And if you're looking for the perfect travel proposition for your child, Hello Kitty Pinball passes the exam with flying colors.

aplikacja mobilna