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Collecting coins consists of overcoming a designated route which, on the one hand, contains some traps and obstacles, and on the other, allows you to get coins and other rewards on it. Some of them can, apart from increasing the number of points gained by the player, unlock additional skills of the hero we control - for example, increased speed or easier defeating enemies.

There are three main types of browser coin collecting games, and the split can be done depending on the camera used:

The player sees the world through the hero's eyes or from behind his back - eg in the game "Subway Surfers" and its variants, such games are three-dimensional.

Top throw - similar to the one used in Pac-man, where the player's task is to collect all the coins in a kind of maze, and the enemies that are chasing our character make it difficult.

Two-dimensional game, side view - like in the classic retro game - Mario. The player moves to the right and jumps over obstacles and to get money.

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