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About the game Bomb It 6

Bomb it 6 - enjoy great fun

Do you know the classic Bomber? It is almost a cult computer game that has been appearing in various versions for years. Bomb it 6 is one of its fantastic renditions, in which you have several modes to choose from, you decide what character you play, and the graphics are sweet and candy, straight from the cartoon. Do you feel like you just want to smash something? Are you irritated by work, school or other duties, so are you looking for a moment to rest? The harmless tossing of bombs in a computer game hasn't hurt anyone yet, and it can help you regain your balance after a hard day.

Start by deciding which mode of the game in Bomb it 6 you will choose - you can choose Arcade, in which you have to kill all opponents, Battle Royale, where you have to kill 10 characters, Green Zone, where you occupy the so-called Green Zone, Treasure Trail, where you are especially interested in collecting 10 coins, and Survive, in which you want to remain the last living person (or rather: character) on the battlefield.

In Bomb it 6, you then have to decide where the action will take place. Here, too, are interesting options at hand - bathroom, picnic blanket, baseball field, castle, polar zone, farm, garden, aquarium, and maybe ... a dollhouse. It all depends on your whim! You can also rely on blind fate by opting for the random option, where anything can happen. Play on one of the three difficulty levels and choose how many players will play together (a real person can be responsible for your opponents in the game!), As well as how many de facto these rivals should be, depending on the mode.

The action itself, once it starts, is extremely exciting. You have a maze in front of you, through which you must navigate efficiently, throwing the title bombs at your enemies. Bomb it! Try to place them in such a way that they damage the others as quickly as possible, but at the same time do not pose any risk to you - position yourself in a convenient position to avoid contact with any dangerous materials. Have fun!

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