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Mr Dracula


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About the game Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula - a logical shooter in the style of a celebration of all monsters and bogeymen. Fortunately, the colorful graphics mean that there is nothing to take!

Your character is Mr Dracula himself. The characteristic coat with a high collar and bared fangs? You certainly won't confuse it with anyone else. The vampire has a gun in his hands and you have to help him shoot down all the ghostly enemies. Remember that you have a limited amount of ammo! Think carefully about each shot, then aim at the right angle. Or shoot at will - you're supposed to have fun first!

Ominous graphics with a haunted house in the background perfectly complement the Halloween atmosphere. The music is atmospheric and not too scary at the same time, so Mr Dracula won't scare anyone, so it can also be played by children. Regardless of age, it's the perfect opportunity to practice logical thinking.

The less bullets you use, the higher score you complete the level! Advance to the next stages of Mr Dracula and solve increasingly complex puzzles. Gradually, new opponents appear that diversify the gameplay.

You don't have to wait a whole year for Halloween because Mr Dracula is available every day! If you feel good among cartoon monsters, and besides, you like shooting, don't hesitate any longer. Start the fun and then shoot all the characters on the screen!

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