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Adam and Eve


About the game Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve - a platformer in which you will show your cunning

Do you like logical puzzles where you need to use some gray cells to extricate yourself from a situation? Do you need constant challenges to keep a game interesting and occupied for a long time? Adam and Eve is definitely fun for you, and it's completely free on Onlygames.io. Set yourself up for a series of tasks that you must complete in full if you want to pass the game. A little free time and a fresh mind will be useful!

The leitmotif of the whole game is a journey to his beloved - Adam wanders through areas unknown to him (and certainly to you) encountering various adversities along the way - both inanimate (like fallen trees, boulders, logs under his feet, of course) and animate ( such as dinosaurs and turtles. Each of these obstacles requires a moment of focus and devising the best strategy. Is a bit of skill enough to overcome a given difficulty? Or will you need cunning to outsmart the cunning creatures? Fortunately, you have exactly as much time as you need - so you don't have to worry about running out of time and working under pressure.

Adam and Eve is based on the classic point and click mechanism. This means that you will need nothing less than a mouse or a laptop touchpad to complete it. See an item you want to use? Move your cursor over it and click, then see what happens. Maybe a turtle will pop out of its shell or a beaver will chop down a tree to clear your way? Anticipate what will happen and plan your moves. When you clear your path, click on Adam's character to make him safely move on. If something still bothers him, he will certainly let you know.

Pleasant graphic design in a delicate retro edition fits perfectly with the music that is pleasant to the ear. Start your adventure and reach its final stage with your head held high - and above all, with a shield!

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