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Age of War


About the game Age of War

Yin and yang, good and bad, black and white ... Everything has two versions, and the medal has two sides. Age of War presents the age-old conflict between two civilizations that continue to fight and race to develop war technologies.

To win, you need to be cunning, consistent and persistent, otherwise the opponent will bring us to our knees and our fate will depend on his will. By playing Age of War online you will lead your army, recruit cavemen, musketeers and, in time, modern soldiers, become a real commander!

Age of War will provide you with a long and exciting gameplay, from which you will not be able to break away even for a moment. Each moment of inattention may end up losing valuable life points in your cave, castle or military base, and this will bring you closer to defeat. And that's not what you play for. You play to win!

Dominate the enemy with a horde of warriors of various types, build turrets, protect your own base. The tactics in Age of War online are up to you, but whatever you choose, don't give up and fight to the end!

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aplikacja mobilna