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Drunken Boxing


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About the game Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing online: Drunken fight in the ring!

Looking for a fun and addictive game to play with friends or solo? Then Drunken Boxing online is the perfect game for you! In the free online game Drunken Boxing, you will play the role of a drunk boxer and fight in the ring, using various punches and combinations to defeat your opponent. Choose your fighter from 10 unique characters, each with their own specific skills and fun animations. Watch your energy bar - drunk punches are demanding, and each punch and dodge consumes energy. Plan your attacks, take advantage of your opponent's moments of weakness and have fun! The free online game Drunken Boxing is a game for everyone, regardless of age and skills. Simple control mechanics and an intuitive interface mean that anyone can join in the fun. Another advantage of the game is its humorous graphics and funny animations that will provide you with a lot of laughter.

Why is it worth playing Drunken Boxing?

  • addictive gameplay - fight your opponents, throw punches and avoid attacks in this dynamic game
  • lots of laughter - funny animations and funny characters will provide you with the highest level of entertainment
  • simple mechanics - easy controls and an intuitive interface make the game accessible to everyone
  • 10 unique characters - choose a fighter with your specific skills and animations
  • two game modes - play alone against the computer or challenge a friend in two-player mode
  • free game – Drunken Boxing online can be played for free without any restrictions

Ready to party in the ring? Play Drunken Boxing online now and see for yourself how addictive and fun this free online game can be!

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