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About the game Covirus.io

Covirus.io - a dangerously addictive game

Imagine that you are a little virus that travels among other viruses, small and larger, eating first relatively neutral emoji-smiley food and then ... feeding on other viruses to grow stronger! Covirus.io is a game based on the principle of competition for the largest possible area. Whoever has the biggest virus lands in the honorable first place in the glory table. Be careful, because the opponents have the same goal as you - to smash you into small pieces and devour your remains.

Covirus.io is really addicting - will you let yourself get addicted to the adrenaline and happiness hormones you get from gaining higher rankings? Viruses, remember to take care of disinfectants - they can deal with you and cause them to split into smaller particles that are harder to control and easier to land in the mouth of another creature. The bigger you are, the harder it is to coordinate and move efficiently. Can you handle the challenge and defeat other viruses on the server?

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aplikacja mobilna