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About the game Amazing Bubble Breaker

Amazing Bubble Breaker - it's time to play full of joy and satisfaction

If you've had a hard day ahead or behind you, or for any other reason you just want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, Amazing Bubble Breaker sounds like the perfect plan for your afternoon. No competition, no stressful plot twists, no complicated strategy or the need for mathematical calculations or even just plain luck. Just you and a fun marbles game where only minor challenges await you. Are you in?

First, sit back, take a look at the board - for seasoned players who are already familiar with this type of games, the situation immediately becomes clear. You have in front of you a set of colorful balls spread over the entire surface of the screen, and your task is one: it consists in grouping them by color and finding the largest clusters of a given color. Then just click the cursor and click - all this part disappears. Remember, however, that there are a few rules that should be taken into account when playing.

First, what does a cluster of a given color mean? In Amazing Bubble Breaker, unlike some other games with similar rules, the balls must be in direct contact with each other, so the conventional corner of the field they occupy is not enough. This means that if one ball is diagonal to another and a different color has crept in between, they will not be treated as one. Although the game is simple and your only task is to notice the colors (or symbols - each ball also has its own mark, which will be useful for people who have trouble distinguishing between colors) and clicking on the balls, the strategies can be different. Notice that when a gap is created, the balls slide together, creating new possibilities for movement.

Amazing Bubble Breaker will appeal to all those looking for a calm and balanced entertainment. It is also a good choice, for example, for the youngest - by the way, they can learn the functioning of cause and effect sequences or distinguish colors from each other.

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