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Dynamons - who or what are Dynamonki?

Colorful, funny, a bit associated with Pokemon - meet the Dynamons crew, i.e. cute creatures that are ready to make your day (or even a few) more pleasant. They are full of energy and ready to face the clashes and the challenges you set before them. They want to have fun full of competition and are perfectly prepared for it. You can become their team captain if you like. Are you in?

Dynamons is based on small series of competition between the charming title creatures, which are bursting with energy. They duel, and you are committed to helping them choose ammunition to do their best. Covering with pebbles, flooding with bubbles, snowstorm - these are just some of the options you have to choose from. You have to choose your weapons carefully to surprise your opponent and hit his weak point. At the same time, your task is, of course, to avoid the blows! You will make it?

In each part of the game (including Dynamons World) you have a lot of levels of increasing difficulty in front of you. It is not enough to accurately hit the enemy with any type of weapon - you have to do it at the right moment, with the right energy and in the right rhythm. Become the master of dynamon strategy and lead your crew to victory.

How to play Dynamons? On a computer, all you need is a mouse or a touchpad, but you can also successfully choose the mobile version on your phone or tablet. How he found on a tram trip across the city or a long line at a supermarket!

aplikacja mobilna