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Playing pairs online is great entertainment for everyone who wants to train their memory. The game consists in matching the same pictures or symbols in pairs. The task seems simple, but there is a catch: the cards are flipped. So we have to remember where a particular symbol is located in order to hit it correctly in one of the next moves.

After finding two identical pictures - a pair - the cards are removed from the board. This principle is key both in the traditional card version of the game, as well as in the browser version of the steam game for the computer.

Pairs, often called a memory game, is known even to children - a simple online memory with a small number of hidden pairs is a simple game with simple rules.

Pairs can appear in the single-player version - then the player's task is to get rid of all cards in the shortest possible time or using as few moves as possible.

In the multiplayer variant - usually for two players - the participants of this game alternately try to draw pairs of cards. The person who collects the most pairs in a given match wins.

The classic representative of the pair game is mahjong, a type of game known for several hundred years, consisting in arranging blocks marked with symbols.

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