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Under water hidden number


About the game Under water hidden number

Immerse yourself in the beautiful depths full of blue tones. The high-quality pictures hide twelve numbers that you need to find while admiring the values of the underwater environment. Under Water Hidden Number convinces not only with its visual setting, but also a challenge for clever and, above all, very perceptive players. Visit the fish area, one probably named Nemo, admire the statue of Poseidon, swim with the sharks or go snorkeling with a real scuba diver.

Whether you come here looking for a challenge or need a refreshment after an eventful day, Under Water Hidden Number is sure to meet your expectations. Treat it as a competition, race with your friends and collect points, or sit back with a cup full of cocoa and relax calmly penetrating the enchanting depths. Attention! To immerse yourself in the underwater lands, you do not need a scuba or an oxygen cylinder, all you need is a computer or a smartphone.

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aplikacja mobilna