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Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulation


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About the game Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulation

Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator - become a tractor driver

Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator is a fantastic entertainment for everyone who likes online driving games of various kinds. Here we are dealing with a specific farmer's car, i.e. a tractor. In addition, it is a tractor with a trailer! Your task is to deliver the goods that are loaded on the vehicle to a specific point. Drive through the green portals on the path to complete the level. Watch out, time is running out like crazy! If you fail, the task will have to be repeated, or game over, game over ...

The Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator game is a great proposition for those looking for a slightly more intense experience than the Spider Solitaire online can guarantee them. If you just want a lot of laughter and a little adrenaline (oh, that timer always gets you excited!) Then this is for you. Try to precisely control the tractor with the arrows, do not drive into the forest, do not miss the path and - most importantly - do not lose the goods that you have to deliver! Without it, the whole action actually goes to waste ...

You need to use the keyboard during the game, and the path is shown by a green arrow, which is located above your vehicle. Country-style music adds to the idyllic, farm atmosphere, which can be heard in the background (although if you are distracted, you can of course mute it). So come on, farmer! Several levels of fun are waiting for you and they will not work out by themselves.

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