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Farm of Dreams


About the game Farm of Dreams

Farm of Dreams - Farm Matching Game

There are many match 3 games out there. As a rule, most of them introduce their own separate, slightly reformed and interesting additional rules. This is also the case with Farm of Dreams. The game invites you and tempts you with colorful vegetables - put Brussels sprouts in order (even if you don't like them), beautiful purple eggplants, onions, peppers and tomatoes in neat rows. Try to place at least three identical ones next to each other and then see what happens!

Farm of Dreams is based on this starting mechanism - after combining at least three elements, specific vegetables disappear, but new ones appear in their places. What if you manage to connect four or even five identical elements in a row or a row? Real madness! Remember that you are collecting points and that time is running out, so it is worth thinking well and - what can I say - making only good decisions. Thanks to them, you will go through the whole without worrying about the nuances.

Matchmaking games have different mechanisms. In this version you will find a lot of levels with increasing difficulty level, which is hardly a phenomenon. An interesting fact is the power tools that appear on the board under certain circumstances, coins that you can collect and very atmospheric music. Invite the youngest family members to play together and also draw them into the world of farmland with a satisfying and colorful vegetable crop. Just share the results of the collective harvest later!

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