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About the game Correct Math

Correct Math - practice math competences

So what, a quick revision of addition and subtraction and stuff like that? Correct Math is a great opportunity to get up to speed in completing tasks. There is a clear interface in front of you, already in the menu mode, covered with a multitude of numbers and other stamps. How to play? It's very simple: when you start the game, you are faced with a quiz question, i.e. a math operation and three answer options. You have to choose one (the correct one, of course) as soon as possible, or at least within three seconds. After ticking the wrong answer or timing out - game over and bye, start over!

Correct Math is not such a simple matter for the unskilled. It starts off fairly smoothly: most children can do things like 2 + 1 or 4-1. But then the pace increases, negative numbers and other actions appear (sometimes you can get confused by misidentifying the symbol!) And the atmosphere thickens. How many points do you think you can collect without making a mistake even once? The game has a really ruthless mechanism, you could say that it works like pre-war teachers. With the difference that the only penalty that awaits you after a mistake is the need to go back to the beginning of the game.

Regularly warming up the brain by performing simple (or at least: uncomplicated) math is a very good way to keep gray cells healthy and fit. Give them such entertainment from time to time, and they will surely thank you beautifully!

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