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About the game Jewel Blocks

Jewel Blocks - a subtle variation on the classic tetris

You probably know what Tetris is, and if not - be sure to check on the Internet what is the game that conquered the hearts of many early and many later computer users. The basic rules are to decide where colored blocks with different arrangement of elements will fall. You have to make sure that they finally form even lines on the board, and the uninterrupted arrangement will disappear, leaving room for more. The blocks come in different shapes and differ in the number of cubes they are composed of, so there is considerable variety.

Jewel Blocks is a subtly modified version of Tetris. The main variable here is the fact that instead of dropping blocks from above, players take them from the panel on the left and then place them on the board themselves. This way you gain more control over what happens and at what pace the compositions are created. How to do it? Simply use your mouse, cursor or finger on the touch screen to click on the pieces you want to use, then drag them towards the board, placing them where you want. Unlike the classic, this layout also allows you to take into account vertical lines - so you have even more room to show off.

Jewel Blocks does not have a time pressure aspect, which will be a positive thing for many people. Pleasant music in the background will additionally allow you to relax while having fun. Notice that there is a small counter at the top of the board that shows how many points you have. Try to get as many as possible during the game. The mechanics in this case allow you to choose one of the three indicated elements and place it on the board, but you have to take into account that all three must be used. As a rule, it pays to start with the most problematic ones and then move on to the simpler ones. The game ends when you run out of moves. Watch out for the big blocks… Let's do it!

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