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About the game Tetris

Tetris - something for supporters and supporters of the classics

There is no better example of a traditional computer game than Tetris. Almost every early adopter and every early computer user probably knows it. But not only that - after all, it's a game that has been interpreted and reinterpreted dozens of times, and on electronic devices (including modern mobile devices) it appears both online and offline. What is it really about?

Well, the Tetris game has quite simple, logical rules that even a child or an elderly person who is usually reluctant to approach technology-related issues will understand in no time. Use the arrow keys to move the colored blocks that appear on the screen. Do it in such a way that they can easily build an even horizontal line - this way the whole row will disappear and you will have more room to maneuver. However, try not to build too high columns, because if the level of the blocks meets the ceiling, there will be a so-called game over, i.e. the game will end.

Tetris is relaxation and warm-up for gray cells in one. Decisions need to be made quite efficiently, although at the first level you will certainly not be intimidated by it. However, there are 10 difficulty levels, which is why there is an opportunity to climb the skill ladder. It gets faster and more aggressive over time! On the right side of the white interface there is a panel where you can read your current results. How many lines have you made so far? How many points have you earned? Which level is it? Keep everything under control!

Thanks to games like Tetris, you will not be bored to death during a few hours' train journey and will take your mind off more complicated issues. You will certainly cope with the game at a basic level, so it's worth testing more and more difficult ones over time, so as not to get stuck in a place with little development. Tetris is a practical class in logistics that can be useful to many people. It's worth checking yourself in the challenge at home, let's do it!

The Tetris Online game allows you to relax and massage your brain convolutions at the same time. The elements falling from above can be turned around and moved with the arrows - so the dexterity is not complicated. You have to be careful not to bury yourself under the mass of blocks - the closer they reach to the ceiling, the more dangerous it gets!

Game over in Tetris Online takes place when you no longer have room for further maneuvers, and thus you will not be able to save yourself from the multitude of blocks. The rate of falling, increasing with each level, shortens the time to think about logistics and make a decision.

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