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10x10 Gems Deluxe

1414 RATINGS | RATING: 4.2

About the game 10x10 Gems Deluxe

10 × 10 Gems Deluxe - for clever and tenacious

If, in the competition category, you value the ability to compare yourself the most with ... yourself, the 10 × 10 Gems Deluxe game is a proposition that you need to take a closer look at. There is no place for quick or chaotic action, stress or demonstrating combat competence. It's just a puzzle, and the gray cells it stimulates become your greatest ally. You need to be smart and persistent, and the reward will be satisfaction and more and more beautiful results on your personal record list. Are you in?

You run 10 × 10 Gems Deluxe and there is an empty, promising 10 × 10 board in front of you, and below you - three fields with multi-colored brick figures, reminiscent of Tetris play pieces. You have to place them one by one in selected places on the board, and when each of the three has been used - new ones will appear in their place. You have to place them carefully enough that everything fits beautifully - so chaotic flipping of parts won't work here, because sooner or later it won't do you any good.

10 × 10 Gems Deluxe from other games of this type is distinguished by a charming setting - instead of classic, ordinary blocks, you are dealing here with beautiful shimmering diamonds that add aesthetics to the fun. Okay, but what's the goal? Just like in the aforementioned iconic puzzle, you have to make the stacked pieces form a coherent line - it can be a row or a column, it doesn't really matter. In return, you get round sums of points that accumulate in the blue field in the upper left corner. What does the crown mean? You will get there and there - the number noted next to it means your best result so far. When are you going to beat him again?

The game continues until you block any further possibilities of movement with an ill-considered arrangement. It is worth thinking ahead, and it is worth leaving as many free spaces as possible, tightly positioning the elements on the board. The 10 × 10 Gems Deluxe game is entertainment for the really persistent. How many points can you collect?

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