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Tetris is one of the first computer games that appeared in 1984, initially in the Soviet Union, where the game's creator came from. It is a logical game that puts a lot of emphasis on the arcade aspect and the perfect reflexes of the player. Usually, tetris is a single-player game, some browser variants also give you the opportunity to face others in multiplayer mode.

The rules of Tetris online are very simple, which is why the game is liked by children. However, the one who claims that in a few moments he will achieve the championship in this game is wrong. As time passes and you gain more points, the blocks move faster and faster, which significantly increases the difficulty level. Initially banal, the game turns into an exciting game in which the player has to master the controls perfectly and act almost instinctively.

Tetris online is about arranging the blocks falling from above to form horizontal lines. Arranging several horizontal lines at the same time (by matching the last, missing element) gives you a bonus in the form of more points. There are several types of blocks in the game, which persistent players call "long", "zetka" or "elka". You can also find a square block and a T-shaped block in the game.

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