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Wood Block Puzzle

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About the game Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle - a beautiful wooden puzzle

If you are looking for a way to relax after a tiring day / challenging time / for any other reason - Wood Block Puzzle is a game that will help you calm down, calm down and collect your thoughts. It is not only a peaceful and really satisfying fun, but also aesthetic pleasure in an elegant wooden version - perfect for minimalists or minimalists. Relax in the company of gentle sounds and give yourself a moment for yourself.

It doesn't take a long time to look at the Wood Block Puzzle game to easily say that it is simply a new variation of 10 × 10 games. You have a field of just such dimensions in front of you, which you will fill with the proposals for blocks appearing in the lower area. Call it a variation of Tetris or some other kind of puzzle, depending on your preference. Place the received blocks in the field of the board in such a way that they form the tightest possible builds - there is no room for gaps here, because the goal is to create complete vertical or horizontal lines. When it is successful - the row or column disappears and a higher sum appears on your account.

In the case of Wood Block Puzzle, there are novelties such as additional games. In order not to be boring, you can use certain amenities while playing, which will extend your fun in the event of a crisis. For a certain amount from the pool you collect, you can replace the figures that appear in the bottom panel, clear one field, type of elements or a specific area of the board, and this will help you continue to arrange it efficiently.

It is not difficult to notice that certain shapes of blocks are more or less desirable at various stages - the big and regular ones are nice to get at the beginning, but later they can only cause problems. Always try to leave as much free space as possible, quickly removing ready-made puzzle pieces. With each move, your score increases and you climb the Wood Block Puzzle leaderboard. Beat your own records!

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