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Classic Solitaire Deluxe


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About the game Classic Solitaire Deluxe

A good old card puzzle, i.e. a classic solitaire, is a great way for some to relax and unwind in the afternoon while listening to your favorite music, and for others - a field of fierce competition with your own statistics and your friends. Classic Solitaire Deluxe comes under different names - you may know it under the nickname "Piano" due to the distinctive, increasing arrangement of the piles at the beginning of the game.

The online version of Classic Solitaire Deluxe allows you to analyze your progress by collecting your results. Arrange the cards alternately by interweaving black and red symbols, and then move them to equal piles - starting with aces, through individual numbers and characters, up to the king.

Four kings side by side is a victory! When arranging Classic Solitaire Deluxe, you can scroll through the pool from which you add cards to your set. Use carefully to get the highest score.

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