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Solitaire Classic


About the game Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic Online is the standard version of card solitaire that never goes out of style. The rules are simple: using the available squares, you must distribute the cards so that at the end all suits are arranged from Ace to King. Remember that during the game you can put a lower piece on top of the next higher one, and the colors must alternate: black on red and so on.

Think carefully about your next move, because if you make a wrong combination, you will lose your chance to win in Solitaire Classic Online! If necessary, you can undo several moves with a single button, re-laying the cards. However, when you find that nothing more can be done, and some cards are permanently blocked, just start from the beginning. There is a timer in the corner of the screen so you can track your progress.

You can drag individual tabs with the cursor while holding down the mouse button or simply click on them and they will automatically jump into the available places. This makes the game much easier if you are unable to see the possible arrangement on your own. Solitaire Classic Online requires both perceptiveness and strategic skills - it's the perfect way to exercise your mind in your free time.

The default graphics of Solitaire Classic Online have been kept in a classic style, but after watching the ads, you can unlock other graphic themes and customize the look to your taste. At the start of Solitaire Classic Online, you can adjust the difficulty of the game: 1 Tie (most games can be won) or 3 Ties (a harder challenge). Let yourself be carried away and play solitaire more and more efficiently with each subsequent approach!

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