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Idle Fish


About the game Idle Fish

Idle Fish - a fish puzzle

You know games like 2048? A board filled with tiles on which numbers appear that merge into numbers that you can then connect with each other, and they add up to create new ones? Idle Fish is a bit similar, but also something completely different at the same time. There is a board in front of you, around which a lot is going on: a coin counter, a spinning wheel with prizes, a prize box, some mysterious keys with fish, a fragment of a pond where no one swims ... How do you find out about it all? It's simple: you start by buying fish that you place in front of you (these are 12 spaces that can be filled with animals). Two are enough to start with! Because your next task is to play mad scientist and ... combine fish of the same species to create a new species. Amazing, isn't it?

Idle Fish is as much fun as almost any puzzle. Seeing what genre will emerge at a particular point in time is very rewarding. Combine identical fish into one, and when there is not enough space for them - send them to swim in the pond at the top of the board. This will give you some more coins to invest in new fish and more.

Idle Fish can be played from a computer, tablet or smartphone - it even has a specially adapted vertical interface. The fun is diversified by interesting prizes and additional diamond challenges that can be completed during the course. While this is a small browser game, quite a lot happens in it. Learn all the secrets!

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