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2048 Balls


About the game 2048 Balls

2048 Balls - a reinterpretation of the classic game

You know the game 2048 and this title itself arouses a lot of excitement in you? Then you'll also love 2048 Balls. This is a proposal in which it is somewhat similar, but even better. You always have one goal - to see the desired sequence of numbers on the board in a specific order. It is definitely fun for the persistent and seasoned in efficient calculations or logistics. The less able, with practice, it can help to improve thinking. So how to do it? The matter is not so obvious!

You have a rectangular board in front of you, which is equally convenient from a computer as from mobile devices. At first it's empty, but colorful bubbles slowly appear at the top with numbers written inside them. Throw them down in a specific order - if two identical ones join together, they will create one larger one with a double denomination. So if you put two eights next to each other, you get a sixteen, and so on. Your goal in 2048 Balls is of course to create the title value. It takes some effort to get it!

It is definitely not enough to drop elements in random order, because this will end the game quickly. You can develop your own 2048 Balls strategy to get the most rewarding results with minimal effort. However, don't be afraid if a large number of bubbles build up - often you can still get out of this situation. One good move can lead to an avalanche of positive consequences.

Although the ultimate goal is to combine two 1024 elements into one, the very activities that are supposed to lead to this can also be a pleasure in themselves. The game calms down and calms down, and the gold coins that are collected on the occasion please the eye. Let yourself be carried away by the fun, and you will certainly avoid boredom in the queue at the store, while riding the tram or in the waiting room. Perfect your techniques and cleverly plan your moves as you build your composition. Remember that bubbles are moving and others can move them.

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