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Let's Fish - find your hobbies in the virtual world

Let's Fish, or "let's go fishing", is a category of games in which every angler will find something for himself. Do you have a boring, rainy afternoon to develop, and your thoughts go out to the deep sea or a rushing river, where you search for more and more interesting specimens among the waves? Dive into the abyss of great fishing games suggestions. Offers such as Fishing.io or Fish Story are very enjoyable real fishing simulators, but more complex but easier to use. For some, it is definitely much more interesting!

What are the simulators from the Let's Fish category? By controlling the cursor with the mouse or touchpad (and in many cases also simply using the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet), you catch colorful fish and seafood with the fishing rod, trying to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of rubbish and pollution. The fish go on sale, and you get money for them, which you can then invest in improving the quality of equipment and fishing conditions. Reaching deeper? A bigger bucket for fish? Here you are!

The games from the Let's Fish series also include EG Fishing Rush. Here you play the role of an angler who enjoys a day on the cutter, with a stylish hat on his head and with a tool in his hands. Decide at which point the line with the hook will sink into the sea to draw an interesting specimen. Watch out for menacing deep-sea fish that could jeopardize your results! Time is running out, how many fish will you catch?

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