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Love Tester 2


About the game Love Tester 2

If you are not sure about the feelings of your other half or a person who is close to your heart, and you have a lot of distance to yourself, and a few free moments, try Love Tester 2. This simple, quick game will allow you to check your match and the chosen one or the chosen one, showing the result in clear percentages. A devastating 0%, a satisfactory 50%, or maybe a perfect 100%? Let fate decide, rely on the algorithm and don't forget that it's just fun.

Love Tester 2 is the perfect way to kill boredom on a long, lonely afternoon or to spice up any social gathering. Just enter the names of the two interested parties, and then watch what the tester tells you. You will have an incredible opportunity not only to find out how much you match your lover or beloved, but you will also receive a short advice on your relationship. If something needs to be improved, the app will no doubt mention it.

You can test not only your other half, but also the person you simply like, but you are not sure about his or her intentions... For even more fun, try using the name of your worst enemy and then see what future he predicted for you Love Tester. There is absolutely nothing to limit you - enter the name of your biggest idol and see what your chances are. Don't be discouraged or worried about a bad or extremely good result if it doesn't meet your expectations: after all, it's all just a game!

You will surely like the simple, intuitive interface and eye-catching blue graphics. The game is clear, so you will easily find yourself in its rules. Enter your name in the field on the left, and the name of your chosen one on the right. The next step will be to click on the heart with the inscription "TEST IT!". The score will appear on the scale at the top of the game window. Below you will find a short but concise piece of advice. Clicking on "RESET" will clear the fields and let you go through the whole process again... Maybe use someone else's name this time?

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