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Idle - discover your full potential

Do you like economic games in which you become a real financial tycoon? Idle is a series perfect for you - here you will find various suggestions for games in building your own small empire. Choose the theme that interests you the most and let your business grow. These simple browser games will allow you to polish your financial management skills, wisely plan your company's operations, as well as patiently observe the increase in resources. Remember to take time to spread your wings!

Idle Ants is one of the proposals from the series in which you have to deal with hard-working ants. A sweet wafer carelessly left by someone on their way is a real delicacy that will become a fantastic place to play. Build a neat and harmonious ant corporation on it, where each member has a task. Use additional boosters, allowing you to double the number of points and progress through the levels more and more efficiently. Have the finances you earn and create a friendly workplace - all this only as a result of the occasional mouse or finger click (in the case of a touch screen).

Idle Fish, in turn, is an offer for those fascinated by the underwater world. Slightly different rules, but a similar idea - it's a kind of puzzle in which you combine individuals of the same species with each other to get a higher one. However, you need to work for it and raise funds to finance new investments and tools.

aplikacja mobilna