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Connect Merge - fun for the persistent

Looking for the perfect game to pass the time? Do you like uncomplicated, but still very addictive games in which you can lose yourself for hours? Are you facing an exceptionally long train journey or are you spending your break at work alone and don't know what to do with yourself? Connect Merge is the game that answers all your needs. You won't get too tired with it, but you won't get tired either, and the moderate difficulty level will help you avoid frustration. Let's do it!

Is there a specific goal here? Yes, it's about getting the highest score possible. In front of you is a slightly rounded square filled with circles with numbers. So it starts quite classically, as with many other games available on Onlygames.io. 5 bubbles in length and 5 in width gives a total score of 25. Your task is to connect them with lines in such a way as to "catch" at least two identical ones. You can select any number as long as you can draw an unbroken curve. Not only right angles are allowed, but also diagonal meanders, to the right and to the left.

Even though Connect Merge seems simple, a bit of strategic thinking will come in handy here as well. It is not always profitable to combine all closely located bubbles into one, because regardless of their number, the result is always doubled (i.e. 2 elements with the number 8 will give 16, and 5 of the same will also give 16). Therefore, you should plan wisely, because sometimes it can be a valuable move to merge as many circles as possible, and other times - only two. Remember that you care about creating tiles with higher and higher scores.

Connect Merge is a good way to occupy your mind and also relax. You can play it both from your computer (using a mouse or touchpad) and from a mobile device, ie a tablet or smartphone. For clarity, each denomination has its own color so you can easily tell them apart. Good luck!

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