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Greenlight, Redlight


About the game Greenlight, Redlight

Red, green - a game full of emotions

You know the series Squid Game, extremely popular at one time on one streaming service? If you feel like it, you can become a part of it! Or simply from the safe position of your home armchair, play one of the heroes taking part in this bloodcurdling game. Red, green is the title of a free browser game in which you will experience similar emotions, adrenaline and stress as the participants of the tournament. Sounds intriguing? Well, see how you do!

The game Red, Green starts with the first, and in this case, the eponymous tournament task. The players are positioned in the field, while the doll with its back turned to them issues messages - red light, green light. For the first of these, all contestants must stay still, no matter how uncomfortable their position is. On the second - they can move further forward, as fast as possible. The goal is to get behind the red line, but you have to be extremely meticulous and fast to do so. Moving when it is forbidden results in instant death!

If you manage to get among the lucky ones who pass the first level, you will be admitted to the next level. Here you are dealing with a more precise, one could say lace work - choose one of the covered objects, take the needle in your hand and discover what shape of the cookie you need to cut out. To do this, hold the needle with the cursor, then control the level of pressure - so that the cookie does not break. Here, too, a false move is fatal!

After the Red, Green and cookie cutting stage, it's time for the team competition - tug of war! Show who is stronger by successfully taking her to your side. Maybe you'll get an exceptionally good or maybe a resistant team? Either way, collective responsibility comes into play here – one for all, all for one. What levels will come next? See for yourself…

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