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Granny Horror Village


About the game Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village - for those looking for a really thrilling experience

Are you looking for a game that will fit into your favorite dark atmosphere straight from the best horror movies? Granny Horror Village is a completely free proposition with a spine-chilling scenario. Feel the style reminiscent of excellent cinema productions. Test yourself as an adventurer in a dark, dingy and - what to say - a bit of spooky scenery, where you are assigned a top secret mission. Will you survive?

Granny Horror Village is a game of reflexes - you find yourself in the middle of a small, abandoned village, where nothing seems to be happening and nobody is there ... he is the only individual visiting the area. In the first level you have to complete the mission of finding a secret treasure chest ... Before you are interested in the title, nice Granny. It is good practice to wear your eyes around your head, that is, to keep looking sideways - the danger can come when you least expect it.

To find the missing item, you have to get through a dark yard, enter an abandoned hut and find the indicated item among the bland silence. She's already there - a bloodthirsty, determined, cruel character just waiting for you to fall into her clutches and then… well, game over. Then you have to start all over again!

Granny Horror Village has several levels and is also quite easy to control - you only need a keyboard, but a mouse can also be useful. Remember that a very important key will be the one that allows you to quickly withdraw from the oppression before it's too late, i.e. make a so-called backward turn. Don't give in to overwhelming fear that can paralyze you while making it impossible to act - try to think sharp and sober and you will surely find a way to outsmart the ugly character. May the courage be with you!

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