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Survival - a real survival fight

The fight for survival is a popular theme from books, sensational and adventure films. It is also an element that has a huge crowd of fans in all kinds of computer games - it adds an element of thrill, and often also an element of competition. How not to die when someone tries to get rid of you? How to take care of your character and save them from hardships? Get to know these secrets!

Covirus.io is a typical survival game. The gameplay is similar to the famous Agar.io, beating records of popularity, although the title is not necessarily well associated. Simply put, you have to control your character (the eponymous coronavirus) on the board, and while moving around, you eat smaller viruses and other characters. In order not to die, do not take your hoe into the sun - although it does not sound particularly noble, only attack the smaller ones! Also, watch out for your enemies and tamers in the form of anti-virus sprays ... They can mess up your fun.

Pin Water Rescue - here you fight for the survival of your character's house, which has taken care of fire. However, to be effective, you need to skillfully move the plugs in the water canister to extinguish the fire. At the beginning, it is enough to take out a single pin, and then stairs are formed - every, even small decision is of great importance! Bravely, think strategically, and act quickly - the success of the action depends on it.

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