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Survival - a real fight for survival

Survival is a theme that enjoys great popularity in action movies, mystery novels, and computer games. Whether it's a wilderness survival camp or escaping unbridled monsters, it can be really exciting. Switch to the unique thrill mode and give yourself a solid dose of adrenaline by choosing something for yourself from this set.

From the very first seconds, Raft Shark Hunting inspires you to act with an atmosphere-building music filled with horror. This is where real survival takes place - while steering a small boat, you have to lead yourself and your crew to safe waters. It turns out that there is a bloodthirsty man-eater shark around you that wants to harm you. Your hero is equipped with a weapon - basic at first, but over time he will be able to equip himself with something more interesting. Keep your eyes around your head, and when the difficult moment comes - use the button to switch the view mode from control to character to be able to precisely shoot the shark.

Red Light Green Light is a classic survival version from the extremely popular show from the streaming site - The Squid Game. The heroes have various tasks ahead of them, and their correct execution guarantees them not only a place in the next stage, but also survival. The title game is the equivalent of the Polish game One, two, three, Baba Yaga is watching - you have to run to the quarterback when he is turned away from you. Don't move when he looks or it will end up really bad!

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