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Squid Game - addictive gameplay to the death

Do you know the almost cult series Squid Game, which stormed the world's top-lists and was on the languages (and screens) of a large part of the world for many months? If not, be sure to catch up! In games from this series, you can expect minor spoilers (which can also be referred to as flavors or references to the world presented in the series story). You need to know that play is based on small challenges that you as a participant have to overcome. Can you make it?

The game Red Light, Green Light refers to the first task assigned to all players. This is the equivalent of Polish games such as "one, two, three, Baba Yaga is watching" - the guide turns away, covering his eyes, and during this time the players must move in the designated direction as quickly as possible. The moment he looks, it is imperative to remain still - otherwise the penalty is ... to be out of the game, subtly speaking. So watch your movements, act smoothly but carefully!

There are also definitely simpler games that relate loosely to the Squid Game, such as Dalgon's Cookie Game. This is a memory game that even children will like. The participant's task is to find pairs of pictures under hidden cards, resembling cookies in the graphic layer, which also played an important role in the plot of the series. Train your memory and test yourself at different levels of advancement. This is a game that really needs focus!

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