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Battle Royale - a great battle for life

Do you like challenges, shooters, adrenaline and the atmosphere of overwhelming anxiety for life? Are you a fan of the Squid Game series? The Battle Royale games are likely to fit your taste perfectly. Here is a series of suggestions for interesting games of various characters, in which you can prove yourself in cold blood, cleverness, perceptiveness and accuracy of shots. What is the main goal of the game? Kill the others before they kill you and be the last one on the battlefield. Sounds banal, right?

The iconic proposition from the Battle Royale series is the PUBG Pixel game and its second part. In order to play this exciting battle, you need to decide which character you will play (a policeman, tourist, or maybe a professional soldier?), Give him a name (yours or any chosen one that adds power) and watch the initial animation. Then you move around war territory, guns in hand and eyes around your head. Use arrows and cursor to control your character. You can choose FPS or TPS (First or Third Person Shooter) mode.

Red Light Green Light, One, Two, Three, Baba Yaga looks and Red, Green games are different interpretations of the chilling gameplay known from the popular series. You become one of the characters in a green sweatshirt uniform, and your main goal is to correctly complete the task without exposing yourself to the administrators. People who break the rules are quickly eliminated from the rest of the game. Will you manage to become the last man standing, king of cunning and cunning? Believe in yourself and don't get beaten!



aplikacja mobilna