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Home furnishing - become a designer or interior designer

If creating an arrangement of flats or houses is what you dream about, or maybe you even do such a job in reality - the Home Decorating section is definitely a must-see place on the web. And what if you will find a new, favorite activity here for long and boring afternoons or even discover a flair for something completely new? Who knows, maybe interior design is your eternal vocation? Take this opportunity with a grain of salt by playing browser games at Only Games. A lot of fun awaits you here, as well as a considerable dose of satisfaction with the prey - these are also hidden objects games, i.e. hidden objects. It's time to roll up your sleeves, strain your eyes and, if necessary, put on your glasses. Let's get started!

In the game Change your home, your task is to help Emma: the girl wants to restore her old house in such a way that it becomes a modern, cozy place. For this, you first need to get rid of the old junk - organize a garage sale and get some money to refresh the interior. It totally fits in with the ecological spirit of modern times - instead of putting things in the trash, you give them a new life! In addition, Emma is an interior design student and her grandmother gives her the opportunity to practice. Well, admittedly, it's a bit strange at times… For example, when you need to remove cobwebs from a room and clean it, but well, no work, no cakes, as they say!

Home Makeover 2 is a similar game, also referring to the fate of Emma. This time, you have a winter scenery ahead of you and your uncle's house, which can be taken over by the greedy major ... An exciting game begins, in which you must show your hawk eyes and also good determination if you want to win. Don't be over the top and show everyone who's in charge here! After all, the stakes are really high. You may need to clean up, restore old furniture, or make a small arrangement. Will you be up to the challenge?

aplikacja mobilna