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Frenzy Farming


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About the game Frenzy Farming

Frenzy Farming - chicken farm

Frenzy Farming is an interesting proposition from the category of farm games. You are faced with all sorts of challenges - you have to deal with the preparation of the faucets that bring the eggs. But to give them, they need grass, and for grass to grow, they need water, among other things. It's simple and logical, isn't it? So go to work: sow the grass, draw water from the well and water it so that the chicken has something to eat. Make sure she brings the eggs which you then have to collect. If you do not provide her with the right conditions - well, you are unlikely to do it on your own.

Frenzy Farming requires a bit of logical thinking and planning. You need coins to use the well. However, you cannot use them all at once, as they may soon be needed for something else ... Each subsequent level presents you with a new challenge: a specific number of eggs, a specific number of faucets (which you can also buy) and so on. Of course, the difficulty level increases with time, and the requirements are getting higher and more precise.

Mechanically, the game does not cause great difficulties, nor does it require dexterity or great cunning. It is such a classic time facilitator, where you can spend pleasant moments, for example during a break at work or study. The point and click mechanism makes everything clear, logical and clear. The matter is also facilitated by a clear interface and precise guidelines for each level. Do you want some water? Click on the well. Do you want to collect eggs? You know what to do. Have fun!

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