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Farming 10x10


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About the game Farming 10x10

Farming 10 × 10 - a puzzle with a farm atmosphere

Farming 10 × 10 is an interesting proposition from the series of farm games. As usual, you play the role of a farmer who wants to manage his small farmland in the best possible way. You put all kinds of seedlings on it - for example apples, blueberries or beautiful flowers. Then, when the crops are ready for harvesting, a tractor drives over and collects them - nothing easier. Their preparation is much easier than in the real world - just a little change and that's it.

Farming 10 × 10 is a dangerously addictive game. When you start to do better and better, it's hard to tear up, so keep that in mind and better not fire it under your desk at work. You have a 10 × 10 field in front of you and you develop it with green à la Tetris tiles, which then turn into fruits, vegetables or flowers. Just like in Tetris, if you manage to arrange the entire row of tiles - it is removed by a passing tractor. Unlike the iconic game, however, you can arrange both rows and columns, so the vertical line also counts. On the one hand, this makes it easier and, on the other hand, makes it difficult.

You keep playing until either you get bored or you just can't move. If you get too large tiles to develop, and there is not enough space, this is the final. Make sure to arrange the elements as carefully as possible and thus accumulate points quickly. Become a farmer logistics master!

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