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Plant breeding - discover the charms of caring for flora

The charms of farm life are different - you can discover them in different ways, not necessarily setting up your own farm right away. See how you could become a farmer who looks after plants and animals. Find out if it is a job for you - maybe it has been your dream forever? Fertilization of the soil, plowing, planting, sowing, care - it all takes a lot of time and love.

Family Farm is a browser game in which plant breeding plays a significant (nomen omen) role. You start with a piece of land, with no resources to come up with something spectacular. So you have to use clever methods to quickly start acquiring and multiplying capital - humbly at first, and with time more and more boldly. Quickly growing broccoli can not only feed the farm family, but also bring them bread in another way - through sales. Invest in species that pay off and grow your small breeding business.

Doodle Farm is an entertainment offer in which plant breeding is only a nice background. Get closer to nature and discover the rules governing the world by combining ingredients in magical alchemical compositions. What will arise from the combination of water and life? Is it possible to mix fire with stone? To what level can you develop the already created elements and how many will there be? Find out for yourself, satisfying the sense of an explorer and having fun at the same time.

aplikacja mobilna