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About the game Zoo Pinball

Pinball Zoo - Collect awesome trophies

Do you know what the classic pinball game is all about? This is a simple arcade game in which your only task is to bounce the ball rolling on the table in such a way that it does not fall into the pocket below. Pinball Zoo also has this basic rule, but with a few more it becomes even more interesting. You bounce the ball and it hits the coin symbols and green tickets to the zoo along the way, collecting points. Nice, right?

Zoo Pinball is quite dynamic fun mainly because if you do not hit the ball at the right moment, you lose the opportunity to do it at all - the ball falls into the hole and goes through the system of connected vessels, and finally comes back to you. You only have a few options for the entire game - and then game over, game over! Then your score is added up, you get the cup and compare your recent achievements. Become a pinball master in the animal version and control the ball one hundred percent.

The game interface is also decorated with the faces of colorful African animals that help (or hinder?) You in collecting points and achieving amazing results. In the background there is a pleasant, non-invasive music that you can mute if you want. Remember that you operate board elements with the arrows on your keyboard, but some things are also activated by clicking the mouse. Have a delicious meal and break your own records in the game of pinball - become a true master of dexterity!

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