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Pinball - fun to bounce the ball

If you like satisfying games with uncomplicated mechanics and you are new to Pinball, it's time to get to know it. This is a classic in the arcades, where the player's task is simply to bounce the ball. The latter, in turn, is to move on a table dotted with various obstacles, scoring points at the same time. As an entertainment with a long tradition, Pinball has received a lot of interesting interpretations and reinterpretations - in some of them only the graphic theme changes, in others new rules are introduced or the old ones are simplified. Which version appeals to you the most?

In the classic version of Pinball, players usually move the ball using the buttons on the keyboard - space and arrows. Accurately mastering the technique of the game and estimating the path of the ball movement is not as easy as it may seem. If you prefer an interesting visual setting, choose the Pinball Zoo with cute animals in the main roles or Pinball Football, in a setting à la a football field with real players, from whom the ball bounces.

Hello Kitty Pinball is a great proposition for the youngest players. The sweet, pink kitty, well-known from animated films, really makes the gameplay enjoyable. Several balls are available, and each of them has a different color! It is hard to drop, and as soon as it touches any of the elements, the score on the meter increases, bringing the children a lot of fun. You can correct your own record at will.

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