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Flipers - simple fun straight from slot machines

Who are the Flipers for? The answer is: for everyone who wants to play them. It's simple and fun to play, and doesn't require complicated skills at a basic level. If you are an advanced player, it is really fun. Do you know the classic Pinball manual or computer version? Then you already know what Fliper is! The name of the game comes from the English term for tapping a ball. The player's task is to control the tool in such a way that the ball hits as many obstacles as possible, guaranteeing you further points.

Hello Kitty Pinball is a proposition that belongs both to the Flipers category and the category of games for children. The colorful and inviting interface in the style of one of the favorite children's cartoons encourages with a pleasant form. Steer as many as four balls, conquer them so that they collect a lot of points and finally land in the base. Beat your own records, getting better and better results every time. Offer this game to the children - they will easily get what it is all about!

Idle Farm is an unusual combination of a Fliper game with a farm simulator, in this case an economic game. Organize the farm reality in such a way as to gain constant, passive income. Hire employees to tidy the plants for you and harvest the crops. Sell your harvest, keep investing, and on the side board collect extra profits by playing pinball.

aplikacja mobilna