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Rules for playing rummikub Rules for playing rummikub

08.09.2022 18:29

Rules for playing rummikub

Playing rummikub is a great pastime for an afternoon spent with relatives or friends. Easy rules mean that even if you play for the first time, you will understand them in no time. You can also try your hand at online gameplay - then you will not only avoid the troublesome cleaning of bricks, but also face a demanding opponent such as a computer or other players. Test your logical thinking skills and face the clock!

What are the basic rules of playing rummikub?

The rummikub set consists of 106 bricks, 104 of which are marked with numbers from 1 to 13, in four colors: red, black, orange and blue (although it depends on the graphic design of a given variant). The other two tiles are called Jokers. In addition, in the table version of the game, you will find comfortable stands, also known as plates, on which players can place their drawn dice so that their opponents cannot see them.

The game is started by setting all blocks with the set numbers facing down. Then each person draws the chosen tile; the one with the highest number starts the game. The queue should move clockwise. The drawn stones go back to the pool called the bank. The rest of them should be mixed, because the next step will be drawing 14 tiles.

The rules of playing rummikub are child's play. The goal of the game is to get rid of all the tiles drawn by you. To achieve this, you must lecture on series or groups. The first solution requires you to arrange at least three consecutive dice in one color, e.g. 3, 4, 5, red. The second option is a bit easier: it is enough to get three of the same numbers, regardless of their key, although it cannot be repeated within one group.

How to play rummikub?

The so-called an opening without which you cannot continue the game. It consists in putting out groups and / or series, the sum of printed nominal values is 30 or more than this number. If a player is unable to do so with their set of stones, it will be their responsibility to take another cube from the bank. When that doesn't work, the line is lost.

However, what makes rummikub so fascinating and unpredictable is the ability to modify. The player can add his dice to existing systems, as well as rebuild them, which often has the potential to bury someone's chances of winning. However, you must remember that if you do not want to or cannot make any move during a given turn, you draw one tile from the bank and then add it to your set.

It is also worth mentioning the unusual properties of the cubes marked as Joker, usually red or black - the color, however, has no effect on the gameplay. This tile can be replaced with any other tile that is missing to form a group or series. Interestingly, if another player has the stone that the Joker replaces, he can easily replace it and get it for himself, as long as he has already used at least one of his brick in a given move.

When does the rummikub game end?

The game of rummikub is over when one of the players is left without dice, or when the bank runs out of tiles. The other players then add up the amount of stones left on their tiles and write it down with a minus sign. The winner adds the values obtained by others and then enters them towards his account with a positive sign. It is worth remembering that if, during the end of the game, someone has a Joker on their rack, they will be credited with an additional -50 points.

The time limits are reminiscent of tournament play, but it's hard not to notice that they set the pace for the game. One move usually takes about a minute, although it all depends on the individual arrangements of the players. By choosing the online version of rummikub , you will surely appreciate the thrill of the time-measuring second hand. If you are one of the particularly ambitious people, bet on a game in which you only need 40 seconds to move and feel like you are in a tournament!

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