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Rummy - a card competition in the online version

If you are a card game veteran, names such as Macao, Bridge, Uno and Rummy are no strangers to you. Don't you always have someone to play with? Or maybe you don't have time to unfold the cards or you don't have enough space to play the game? Choose browser games that are great simulators of real competition. Almost every known game has its counterpart here and it is as satisfying as its offline version. What are the advantages of games on electronic devices? Maintaining order, being able to play at any time and not having to look for company.

Rummy Multiplayer is one of the online versions of Rummy. You don't need to know the rules perfectly to play it - it's quite intuitive and doesn't have a particularly high entry threshold. In theory, any number of players can participate in it, but the more people at the table, the more decks of cards are necessary for a comfortable game.

Rummikub is a proposition somewhat similar to Rummi - that's why it often appears in a common category - but works with dice instead of cards. The tiles with colored numbers placed in front of you should be properly sorted and displayed in your movement, in accordance with the established system. Either you are trying to create an ascending or descending series (e.g. 7-8-9) or three identical numbers next to each other. Your opponents do the same, and your primary goal is to collect as many points as possible and outsmart your opponents. Get rid of cards or dice to become a Rummy master.

aplikacja mobilna