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Merge the Numbers


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About the game Merge the Numbers

Free online game Merge the Numbers – fun for hours!

Do you want to lose yourself in the world of colorful fun? Merge the Numbers is an online game that you can spend a lot of time playing. It starts innocently enough - an empty board on which small squares with slightly rounded edges slowly begin to appear. They contain numbers that are crucial to the entire game. English title combining consists in pushing two identical denominations together, then one appears - one higher (importantly, they do not add up or intensify, as one might initially think.

The free Merge the Numbers game will appeal not only to math freaks, but also to fans of logical puzzles. First of all, you should initially establish a strategy and stick to it throughout the game. Once you try it, you'll definitely get the idea. Even if you don't manage to complete the entire game in one go, each return will bring you closer to your goal. And what is this goal? The idea is to generate a tile with the number 30. It won't be that easy!

However, there are some conveniences in the Merge the Numbers game, thanks to which you will not be discouraged from playing it at the beginning of your journey. They mean that every time you manage to get another number 5 higher than the previous one, you will no longer lose this result, even if you fail in a given round. You come back, starting from a higher ceiling, so you are much closer to victory than at the very beginning. This is especially important, especially at this final stage, when the game becomes more and more complicated.

Connecting tiles seems like a simple matter, but what if they connect to form larger blocks? It's a higher driving school, but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it - you can break them. Manage the squares efficiently, because more and more of them appear on the board, and the real danger is that the entire screen will be filled with them. In this case, game over and you return to the previous level. Next time, pay a little more attention to the free online Merge the Numbers game!

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