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Incremental games - you will not tear yourself away from them

Combining numbers into compilations, creating satisfying combinations of plants or animals, mass production of fruit or cookies - incremental games are a category full of jam, but also rewarding hardships of satisfaction. The rules are usually really simple - you start the game in your browser and the great fun begins. Rearrange the components of math operations usually with a mouse or touchpad. You can also play these types of games from a tablet or smartphone with a large screen, so you can run them during a break at school, at work, in a queue, on the tram and wherever you want and you will have access to the Internet.

The incremental games with numbers in the lead role is a real roller coaster. You have a goal (for example, combining tiles for a total of 2048) and you work towards achieving it, often in a fairly limited amount of time. Proposals like Merge The Numbers require you to be smart, logical, and be agile under little pressure. There are more and more elements, and you have to combine the equal ones until you reach the number 30. Fortunately, every 5th game is saved and if you fail, you can return to it!

Incremental games are also puzzles with cars, cookies or animals in the lead role. Always find identical items, touch them together, and observe the results. Each of the proposals is unique, so there are minor modifications to the rules - in some there are additional levels, in others - pleasant tasks. Have fun!

aplikacja mobilna