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Number games - not only for math geniuses

Do you like numbers, number puzzles and math? If you don't know them yet, then you will probably love browser games with this theme. Are you sure you know classic sudoku, which is one of the favorite pastimes of science? Hundreds of different versions are available online, with various themes and additions, thanks to which you will not get bored of this entertainment soon.

A perfect example of a modern adaptation of a traditional game is Sudoku Christmas. At the beginning, you can choose the size of the board - keep in mind that the more boxes, the more difficult the puzzle will be! Then you decide separately on the difficulty level, and there are four - from easy to very hard. The charming pictures on the tiles give a festive atmosphere, all the attributes of the Star have their own numerical values. Arrange them so that in rows, columns and squares they add up to an identical result. It's not as easy as it may seem!

Merge The Numbers is a completely modern number game that can be really dangerously addictive. It begins inconspicuously - just tiles with numbers appear on the board, which you have to connect with each other. You choose identical denominations to get one, increased by 1 (for example, two 10 will become one 11). This way you have to get to 30, completing the check points every 5. Don't let the bricks get close to the top edge - it's a very serious threat!

aplikacja mobilna